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Cubetape C200L

Cubetape C200L

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The Cubetape C200L system works with any shipping software (e.g., PostalMate, Shiprite, Pitney Bowes, USPS Label Broker) to eliminate the manual data entry of length, width, and height.

The C200L simplifies your operations by capturing product data and dimensions in seconds.

The perfect solution for precise and efficient parcel scanning and dimensioning. Streamline your shipping process effortlessly.

The Cubetape C200L is designed for use in general shipping and freight applications and will:

  • 10 ft measuring tape
  • Eliminate errors and guesswork
  • Improve efficiency and reduce overhead
  • Improve operations
  • Integrate easily with existing systems

Cubetape automates the capture and transfer of critical data items needed in shipping and general freight applications and works out of the box with most parcel and shipping applications.

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